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Dr SimeonsWhat is the HCG Diet and what's the theory behind it?

The HCG Diet is not your typical eat less and exercise more plan. You’ve done that before and probably had disappointing results for a number of reasons. This website is designed to educate you about the real causes and solutions to obesity (even if believe yourself to be an expert at dieting, you probably haven’t heard this) and help you make an informed decision on whether the HCG Diet is the right program for you.

Who is Dr. Simeons?
The program was developed by a British physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, living in Rome. Born in London, he graduated Sume Cum Laude in Medicine from the University of Heidelberg in Germany. He was first published on this topic in 1954 after 40 years of research on obesity; 20 of that specifically on HCG. What he found was that his program did not only help individuals lose weight, but to reshape their bodies even if they did not participate in extensive exercise while on the diet. He realized his patients were losing the bad fat and not the good fat that happens so often on regular diets.  

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